Window air conditioner installation rates 

Basic installation (for window units 8k BTU or less) $60

  • The basic installation is all you need to have your small-medium AC securely installed in a way that meets NYC regulations. 
  • For the basic installation, we follow the manufacturer's instruction manual.
  • The unit is screwed to the window in a way that it cannot be opened without using tools. 
  • We insulate the window using the insulation that comes with your AC.
  • We do not provide any extra parts, other than screws.
  • If there is an ac ucrrently installed that needs to be uninstalled, there will be an additional fee to uninstall it ($10-$30 dpeending on the installation)

If your AC has been installed before, please make sure all the parts are still in tact.

The top rail and accordion wings must be in tact for the basic installation 

  • We install the unit in the lower section of a standard double hung window, up to 37 inches wide.

Installation upgrades (the prices below are in addition to the basic installation)

  • 10k BTU = $20
  • 12k BTU = $30
  • 15k BTU = $60
  • 18k BTU or more = call for a quote
  • Friedrich Kuhl models = Add $25
  • Universal support bracket installation (you provide the bracket) = $25
  • Universal support bracket installation (we provide the bracket) = $75
  • Safety bar which allows the window to open while the AC stays secure = $40
  • Silicone caulking = $10
  • Foam insulation (other than what you provide) = $10-$20
  • Plexglass w/ silicone caulking = $65-$90 (depending on the window opening) 
  • Top section of window = $75-$300 (depending on the height of window and size of ac) 
  • Horizontal sliding window = $60-$130 depending on the size of window 
  • Casement window (window cannot open) = $75-$200
  • Removal of old AC, carry to garbage area or sidewalk of your building = $10-$30 depending on size and flights of stairs
  • Removal of old AC, and remove from your property or building complex = $30-$80 
  • Removal of child safety bars = $25 per window
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 Through-the-wall installations rates

The basic installation for Through the wall units 8kBTU or less is $70. The prices below are in addition to the basic installation.

10k BTU = $10

12k BTU = $30

15k BTU = $45

Extra insulation = $10

18k BTU or more = call for a quote


 Questions that need to be answered before booking the installation. The easiest way to answer many of these questions is to send photos of everything you have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Is the AC a window or through the wall unit?
  2. Does your building management require a support bracket be installed under the ac unit? Do you already have a support bracket installed on the window or do you have one that you need us to install, and if so, which bracket do you have? 
  3. The BTU size of the unit. If you are unsure of the BTUs, we will need the height, length and depth, as well as weight of the unit. 
  4. The measurements of the window or wall opening?
  5. For window installations, do you want it installed in the bottom of a standard double hung window, or top window, casement window, horizontal window, etc?
  6. Is the unit new or has it been installed before? 
  7. If it has been installed before, is it missing any original parts? If you are unsure, we will need photos of the unit from all angles. 
  8. What kind of electrical plug does your unit have (standard, or high voltage)
  9. What kind of electrical outlet is at the installation location (standard or high voltage)?
  10. Are there child safety bars installed in the window, or any other obstructions that need to be removed so the AC can be installed?