Check out our pricing page for all the pricing details. If you are unsure of any of the pricing details, just send us an email for a quote.

For a quote and to book an installation, please use the following email.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please send as many details as possible. You can copy and paste the following questionnaire into an email, and read/answer each question.

  1. Name, address, phone #
  2. Describe what you need done (e.g., "I need my my old ac uninstalled and new ac that I already purchased to be installed" or "I need you to reinstall my current ac, with plexiglass instead of the accordion panels")
  3. Is the AC a window or through the wall unit?
  4. Include model numbers, web links, photos of the equipment/air conditioners, photos of the windows or wall sleeve.
  5. Does your building management require a support bracket be installed under the ac unit? Do you already have a support bracket installed on the window or do you have one that you need us to install, and if so, which bracket do you have (picture/screenshot of it is best? 
  6. Does your building have any specific rules or a policy in regards to having your ac installed?
  7. The BTU size of the unit (there is usually a label on the side, bottom or inside the grill, which says the model number and BTU). If you are unsure of the BTUs, we will need the height, length and depth, as well as weight of the unit. 
  8. The measurements of the window or wall opening? (Don't have a measuring tape? You can use a standard sheet of paper, which is 8.5x11 inches. (e.g., 3 sheets of paper across the window opening are 33 inches)
  9. For window installations, do you want it installed in the bottom of a standard double hung window, or top window, casement window, horizontal window, etc?
  10. Is the unit new or has it been installed before? 
  11. If it has been installed before, is it missing any original parts? If you are unsure, we will need photos of the unit from all angles. 
  12. What kind of electrical plug does your unit have (standard, or high voltage)
  13. What kind of electrical outlet is at the installation location (standard or high voltage)? Does it look like it matches the plug?
  14. Are there child safety bars installed in the window, or any other obstructions that need to be removed so the AC can be installed?
  15. What's your schedule like for the installation? What day(s)/times  would you like the installation on? The more options for days/times, the more chances we can fit you in. 

For insurance requests, please ask your building management for the "COI Requirements, or Sample COI"


Keep Cool NYC does not have a central location since the company is comprised of various NYC handymen living in all parts of New York City. For customer service or any questions under the sun, you can call or text