Check out our Pricing Page and let us know if you want Basic Installation or Add-ons like Plexi or a Safety bar so the window can still be opened with the AC installed. 








If you are sure that you're window is a standard double hung window, then you can use our Express Booking



Send us a direct email if the booking page doesn't apply to your situation, or if you need us to help you purchase the ac unit.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


When sending an email, include your:


1. Name


2. Address and apartment number


3. Phone Number 


4. Details of your request (more details will speed up the process)


5. Web links that pertain to any items that you have related to the installation request


6. Pictures of your items, ac unit, hardware, etc. (This is absolutely required if your AC or bracket has been used before )


7. Pictures from floor to ceiling of the windows, as well as close up pictures


8. Dimensions of your windows. It matters. Read the specs of your ac unit and it will mention minimum and maximum window opening, so pay attention to that. 


9. Specify if you're in a doorman building because it will be a different process if you are

If you need a COI there is a $20 fee and you can get it processed by filling out our COI Request form. 






Keep Cool NYC does not have a central location since the company is comprised of various NYC handymen living in all parts of New York City.