Window AC Installation Types

Installation types are separated into 2 main categories, Basic and Custom.



Basic Installations


For Basic installations, we use the factory provided parts and materials such as accordion panels and foam pads/blocks. Your window must be a standard double hung window and for most AC units it needs to be no more than 37 inches wide. If your window is extra large or its not a double hung window, you'll need a custom installation.

Basic is sufficient in most cases and is able to serve the main purpose of having a window AC, which is to cool the space and keep out most of the outside elements. Out of the box, a window AC usually won't have the necessary materials for irregular windows. Also, in general the accordion panels don't seal out the elements 100%. Some air, an occasional bug, and even rain can come in (during a strong storm). These air gaps can be sealed with weatherstripping that sometimes comes in the box, but the installation becomes an eyesore. Plexiglass is a cleaner method to seal the air gaps, if you even care about air gaps. Many people are ok with the air gaps as a little bit of outside elements don't bother them. 

 Custom Installations (Plexiglass and Non-Standard Windows)



We offer plexi in different styles. Clear, White Frosted, and Grey 

  • Clear is best for letting in as much light as possible, when privacy isn't a concern.
  • White is best to block out light and privacy (great for bedrooms.)
  • Frosted is in between opaque and clear. It lets in filtered light while giving privacy. 
  • Grey also blocks out some light and privacy

Examples of Clear Plexiglass


Examples of Opaque Plexiglass


Examples of Frosted Plexiglass

 Examples of Nonstandard Windows