Window AC Installation Types

Installation types are separated into 2 main categories, Basic and Custom.



Basic Installations


For Basic installations, we use the factory provided parts and materials such as accordion panels and foam pads/blocks. Your window must be a standard double hung window and for most AC units it needs to be no more than 37 inches wide. If your window is extra large or its not a double hung window, you'll need a custom installation.

Basic is sufficient in most cases and is able to serve the main purpose of having a window AC, which is to cool the space and keep out most of the outside elements. Out of the box, a window AC usually won't have the necessary materials for irregular windows. Also, in general the accordion panels don't seal out the elements 100%. Some air, an occasional bug, and even rain can come in (during a strong storm). These air gaps can be sealed with weatherstripping that sometimes comes in the box, but the installation becomes an eyesore and Keep Cool NYC doesn't like to use those sticky foam strips to seal the accordion panels as the finished installation will reflect our company and we like to leave a clean looking installation. There are cleaner looking methods to seal the air gaps, if you even care about air gaps. Many people are ok with the air gaps as a little bit of outside elements don't bother them. An add-on to the basic installation that seals out the elements but doesn't create an eyesore is to use silicone caulking around all the gaps and edges. The only downside to this is when it's time to uninstall the ac, you'll need to peel off the silicone (it's possible but could take 10-15 minutes of your time.) Silicone add-on is just $15. If you want this, please let us know beforehand, as the technicians don't always carry silicone.



Custom installations are any type that require materials that aren't provided in the box that the AC comes in (aside from a few add-ons to Basic installations.)

The most common custom installation that people tend to ask for is plexiglass instead of accordion panels or in conjunction with accordion panels, if the window is too wide for the accordion panels. Plexi is completely sealed which helps block out sound, air, bugs and heat/cold. Some of the more complicated custom installations include: Old-fashioned/historic windows, casement windows, horizontal sliding windows, upper section of double hung windows.


The most typical kind of plexiglass we use isn't actually plexiglass. We use something that looks like plexiglass but is much stronger. In fact it's shatterproof. Regular plexiglass (acrylic) tends to crack, but we use Polycarbonate which can withstand a strong impact (thicker versions of it are bulletproof.) The thickness we use is 1/8th inch. If you require 1/4 inch thick, we can use regular plexiglass. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to all our plastic sheets as plexiglass unless you care to talk about specific material properties. 

We offer plexi in different styles. Clear, opaque, frosted, and designer. 

  • Clear is best for letting in as much light as possible, when privacy isn't a concern.
  • Opaque is best to block out light and privacy (great for bedrooms.)
  • Frosted is in between opaque and clear. It lets in filtered light while giving privacy. 

Examples of Clear Plexiglass


Examples of Opaque Plexiglass


Examples of Frosted Plexiglass

 Examples of Nonstandard Windows